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Early Years

Philip David, an engineering professional with 31 years of corporate service in India and overseas, served the Lord from a very early age.

Saved in a gospel camp conducted by the Coimbatore EU, on the evening of 25th August 1979, at the age of 19, he surrendered his life to Christ. Through the discipleship camps, regular prayer cells & Bible studies on campus, he learnt to follow the Lord Jesus & witness for Him. After receiving a 3-week Training in hermeneutics and conducting Bible studies, he started bible studies on campus and other colleges, even during his college years.

For the next 15 years he worked with the MNC Ingersoll Rand in several locations. ‘Teaching and Training’ was his core strength and he would spend the summers in Leadership Training camps for students and through the year serving on campuses in the evenings and week-ends.

Dulcie a worshipper and lover of the Lord; full of music and song was on fire for the Lord even during her college years in WCC & her post graduate years in MCC Chennai. She was part of the first Navodaya team of the FMPB.

Married Life

1988 was the year the Lord brought Philip and Dulcie together in marriage.

Together Philip and Dulcie continued to serve the Lord among students. Between the years 1993 & 1997, they were part of the “Teen Service leadership” and “Youth ministry” in the New Life Assemblies of God, Chennai.

Philip and Dulcie David in Shilong

Blessed with two children, Jerry ( 1988) and Deepika ( 1990 ) they moved to Coimbatore, Vizagapatam and back to Chennai.

The Lord honored his servant at work, through awards within the company. Awards were given by the American company in New York and the 2nd time in Hawaii and both Philip and Dulcie were invited for the awards ceremony and to enjoy the 4-day extravaganza in New York (1992) and in Hawaii (1995 )

UAE Life

In 1998, through a prophetic word given two years earlier, Philip took up an assignment in Dubai with the Al Futtaim group of companies. Ministry in the New Life Assembly was training ground for a pastoral role that Philip David took on in July 1998 in the Harvesters International Church.

The Lord blessed Philip at work and he went on to head the Industrial Products Division reporting to MD and receiving many awards and accolades from the UK-Principals.

In Abu Dhabi, Philip and Dulcie together served in the interchurch prayer movement. Philip was coordinator of the Abu Dhabi Pastors and Leaders Association, during which city wide fortnightly, monthly prayer meetings, prayer walks were conducted. For the first time, 36 churches in Abu Dhabi came together for the Global Day of Prayer.

In 2008, hearing the voice of God through Gen 31:3, 13

Philip and Dulcie returned to India. Philip served as Vice President, Planning in a project company in Chennai and Bangalore.

Harvest-In Church & Marriage Ministry

On August 5TH, 2012, while still serving in the secular in Bangalore, Harvest-in Church was started.

This was a vision that was birthed, during the morning prayer-walks around the family property, Manna Farm, Padapai. Every morning, Philip during the morning walk would pick-up 5 – 7 coconuts that had fallen to the ground. The vision of the harvest field without workers ( Mathew 9: 37 ) is what came-up and it was as if the Lord was saying, here there is no ploughing or sowing or watering to be done, just harvesting. And hence the name, ‘Harvest-in Church’. Just bring them in, “Harvest-in”

As early as 1995, the Lord trained Philip and Dulcie in the marriage ministry, through Marriage Ministries International. In July 2013, Philip quit secular work and was waiting on the Lord for direction. The Lord opened the door for Marriage Ministry, in Alpha India. Philip and Dulcie would travel around the country for Marriage Course trainings and return to Padapai on Sunday’s for the church worship service; this continued till April 2017.

Priorities now moved to the base in Padapai

  1. To focus on the ministry of Harvest-in Church
  2. To revive the campsite, in Padapai


Both the children Jerry and Deepika are married.

Jerry runs a ‘Car Detailing’ business, “Car Cares” and lives with his wife Reaiah in Chennai. Jerry is part of the worship team of the New Life Assemblies of God and plays the bass guitar.

Deepika is a teacher in Christwood school and her husband Sujay works with ACSI. Both Sujay and Deepika love the Lord. Deepika is a worship leader and Sujay moves in the prophetic. Together they serve the Lord and help in the ministry of Harvest-in Church, Padapai.

Harvest-in church is in a season of growth and fruitfulness. The promise to the church is from Isaiah 61:3 “To be a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendour”

With the wonderful support team in Harvest in Church, serving the Lord is a joy and privilege.