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Dawn Prayer

The prayer schedule for Harvest-in follows the Old Testament ‘trumpet-model’ of the Israelites in the wilderness. Every time the Israelites set out on a journey, the trumpets would sound. Every time they stopped to camp, the trumpets would sound again. Numbers 10:8,35,36

  • Monday, ‘the start of the working week’ is like the camp setting out
    • The prayer is “Rise up, Lord!”. We pray for the member’s needs for the week ahead.
  • Friday, ‘the end of the working week’ is like the people gathering to stop and camp.
    • The prayer is “Return, Lord !” May the people have a restful, relaxed refreshing weekend! May they be blessed during corporate worship!

We meet at the chapel for Dawn prayer on Monday and Fridays, between 5.30 am and 6.30 am. There are those who are unable to be physically present at the chapel ; they pray from their homes at these times. Every one of the church members is prayed-for, by name. Weekly, monthly and annual events are covered in this time of prayer.

This praying group is called “WWM- 1Hour” based on Mathew 26: 40 where Jesus said, “can you not Watch With Me one hour?”

Night Prayer

On the second Saturday, every month between 9.30 pm to 12.30 pm, the church comes together to pray. This is a time of worship and waiting in the presence of the Lord followed by times of intercession. There is great power in corporate prayer. There is time for sharing ministry feedback for prayer. The SOMT vision is renewed every time, we meet to pray.